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A vigilante romance where the heroes sense deadly sin and must find a fated mate who embodies their sin's opposing virtue or become the evil they've sworn to destroy.

Pride (Alternate Cover)
Pride (Alternate Cover)

Pride (Alternate Cover)

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Deadly sin has consumed Cardinal City. Violence, murder, and mayhem are only the beginning. A family of genetically modified heroes is the city's only hope.... if only they can resist sin long enough, they just might stand a chance. 

Genius. Billionaire. Arrogant. Vigilante. Liar.

There are many words to describe Parker Lazarus. Some call him stubborn. Some call him impossible. Some call him a liar. He doesn’t care what anyone calls him, as long as he fulfills his destiny to rid the world of the fanatical Syndicate and leads his family to victory. Of his seven siblings, six have found their lifemate. But it should have been him first. He battles the deadly sin of pride, and he accepts no failure. Especially his own.

When Parker finds out his mate has been under his nose for years, an assassin masquerading as his assistant, his controlled world is thrown into chaos. Not only does he lose his arm because of his unwillingness to accept this truth, but he loses himself when she challenges him in ways he’d never thought possible. How did this woman slip past his defenses? How does she continue to defy him at every turn? Why does he risk everything – even his secret identity – to keep her safe?

Pride becomes more than another word to describe him. It becomes his downfall. And if he can’t learn to open himself up to failure, and to trust the help of loved ones, then his pride will pave the road to destruction. Not just for the Syndicate, but for all mankind.

♥Multi award-nominated series. ♥Finalist in the ARRA Award for Best Ongoing Paranormal Romance Series. ♥Finalist for the RWA Ruby Book of the Year award 2020. ♥Each book can be read as a standalone, but is best read in order to appreciate the overarching plot.

The Deadly Seven is a paranormal/scifi romance featuring genetically modified heroes who must find a lifemate or become the deadly sin they are destined to destroy. Perfect for fans of superhero shows like Batman, Arrow, The Flash and Superman... but with more heartfelt and hot romance from the hero and his love interest. For mature audiences only.  

Reading Order for the Deadly 7

  1. Sinner (Prequel Novella)
  2. Envy
  3. Greed
  4. Wrath
  5. Sloth
  6. Gluttony
  7. Lust
  8. Pride
  9. Despair

    AIMI’s corpse spread out before him on the dining table. Parker Lazarus plucked out her veina wireand inspected the fried end before discarding it. The CPU was her brain. The motherboard, her central nervous system. She had no face, no body nor skin, yet this digital construct had been as real to Parker as any human. 

    She’d been the invincible backbone of their crime-fighting unit. 

    Or so he’d thought. 

    He glanced at his left arm, recently amputated from beneath the shoulder and now covered in electrodes. An ache lodged in his chest. He’d thought he was invincible. For a brief moment, his mind traveled back to the night everything changed. 

    The Sinner’s masked face peeked over the roof, staring at him dangling from the edge. Rain pattered her hooded head, leaving a halo of mist that glowed under the moonlight. A puff of white cloud escaped her red face mask.

    “You stubborn mule,” she chided, and reached down. “Take my hand.”

    “Fuck you,” he growled—

    Shaking himself from the memory, Parker checked on the electrodes and then turned up the dial on the tens machine. Electricity surged into his body. 

    Standard regeneration for the Deadly Seven took two years, or so his maker’s notes had claimed. It had only been two months since the amputation. He’d regenerated less than half an inch, but he’d read studies and papers on how to trigger the healing process. Electricity helped. Next up was small doses of UV light. It was unlikely he’d see fast results, but he couldn’t afford to wait two years. He needed his arm now. He would try anything and everything.

    • Fated Mates
    • Opposites Attract
    • Good vs Evil
    • Superpowers
    • Genetically Modified Heroes
    • Secret Identity
    • Spicy Romance
    • Found Family
    • Redemption
    • Tortured Hero
    • Family Dynamics
    • Orphans Born in a Lab
    • Bionic limb
    • Saving the World
    • Possessive/Arrogant Heroes
    • Smart Heroines
    • Touch Her and Die
    • Sassy female assassin
    • Arrogant Billionaire Boss

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