You may be asking: Lana, what is Patreon and why do I need it? No worries! It's simple. Patreon is an AD FREE subscription platform used by writers and artists to bring extra content to readers like looks behind-the-scenes, unedited teasers, extra spicy content that doesn't make it into the book, teasers from other works, and a bunch of other fun things that I don't normally have a space for. This will give my super-fans the opportunity to get their hands on all things Lana that they can handle. Does this sound like you? Click the link to any of the tiers below to see what I'm offering and, as always, stay deadly. xx


tier 1

guardian angel

behind the scenes, ebooks, bonus content
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tier 2

fallen angel

behind the scenes, bonus NSFW content, ebooks, sticker, and more.
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tier 3

dominion angel

all of the above tiers, plus signed book releases, swag, audiobooks, and exclusive merch loyalty program.
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tier 4

seraphim angel

all of the above, plus signed releases in hardcover, swag, audiobooks and exclusive merch loyalty program.
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Patreon is a subscription platform (charged monthly) artists use to release creative content. This content is generally exclusove to the subscribers. A creator can offer different tiers of subscription which will range in price and content.

Get the app on your phone and enjoy uninterupted content, news, and more without any ads or algorithms taking your choice away.


The cost depends on the tier you choose. I have tiers ranging from $3 USD to $78USD. Content will differ based on price.

This is a great question! I've been working hard to make sure that I have enough valuable content to make the subscription worth your money. Patreon exclusives include, but are not limited to: early release copies of my books, artwork done either by myself or someone I've comissioned, NSFW artwork (if that's your thing), spicy short stories or excerpts that I wouldn't normally include in my books, and some pretty great swag!

You'll also get uninterupted content. That means no ads, and no algorithm telling you what you want to see.

You can contact me directly, affect stories I write by voting in polls, and more!

There's never been a time where you can interact with an author like this before.

Absolutely. If you know me, you know that I'm dedicated to my reader base and I want this to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

For the NSFW tier, you'll get an exclusive sticker at 3 months.

There are automatic rewards mailed to you after 3, 6, 9, and 12 months as a dedicated subscriber for the top tiers.

And of course, you'll get guaranteed early release content so you get to keep bragging rights.