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This is where Lana posts her estimated timeline for projects in the works. You can count on three to four books published a year. PLEASE NOTE: this schedule is not set in stone, and due to changing personal and market circumstances, the author reserves the right to adjust.

Sea of Beasts and Bastards

Fae Rogues Patreon Serial

Meet the Fae Rogues where a Fae Witch (Cait Sith) encorcels 5 criminals to help execute dangerous treasure and sea monster hunting missions to raise money for the resistance in Avorlorna (The Fae Devils World)

every month starting December 2023 - Check them out here

Trials of Dusk and Dreams

Fae Devils Book 2

Continue Willow and the Six's story in Avorlorna.

Coming August 2024

The Company of Vengeful Crows

Fae Guardians Book 10

Season of the Crow - River's Book

Your reprobate crow shifters will have their time in the sun. First up, we get to spend time with River.

Coming 2024

The Sinner and the Priest

The Sinner Sisterhood #3

Back to the Deadlyverse to see what's happening with the Demon Apocalypse

Coming Late 2024

Fae Guardians #11

Ash's Story

Coming 2025

The Sinner and the Saint

The Sinner Sisterhood #4

Coming 2025

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