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This is where Lana posts her projects in the works. You can count on three to four books published a year. Please bear in mind this schedule is not set in stone and due to changing circumstances, the author reserves the right to adjust.

The Sinner Sisterhood #1

The Sinner and the Scholar

Deadly Seven Spinoff featuring Hildegard Sisterhood Assassins. Each book will have a separate couple with satisfying HEA. There will be an overarching plot between the books. Think sexy Buffy meets Supernatural meets Constantine.

Coming Soon April 6 2023

Fae Guardians #9

Season of the Elf #3

Leaf's story.

coming 2023

Fae Guardians Novella

As part of the BABE Anthology for the 2023 Book Signing event, a standalone spicy Fae Guardians novella will be written.

Coming Mid 2023

Season of the Sluagh

A Fae Guardians spin-off season featuring the most talked about and reclusive Guardians, The Six and their one true mate.

Coming Late 2023 or Early 2024

Season of the Crow

Your reprobate crow shifters will have their time in the sun.

Coming 2024

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