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Standalone Fae Guardians Spinoff Romantasy for Adults
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Fae Devils is the standalone spinoff series from Fae Guardians. It will follow Willow (daughter of the first FG couple) and the Six Sluagh Guardians in their story across the world in Avorlorna and Nocturna. Reading the Fae Guardians is unnecessary to enjoy this story, but it can enhance your reading experience as these characters have a past. It is recommended for mature readers due to language, violence, horror, and explicit sexual and dark situations.

Character Art below by Jaqueline Florencio.

      A Standalone Spin-off series in the Fae Guardians world featuring your favorite morally grey soul-eating Guardians with a hive mind, the Sluagh, and their one true queen, Willow. You do not have to read the Fae Guardians to enjoy this, but for the best reading experience of their backstory, go back and enjoy the full Fae Guardians experience.
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