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Dystopian Fantasy Romance where the Fae Protectors meet their match with strong, sassy human women.

Of Pixies and Promises Novella (eBook)

Of Pixies and Promises Novella (eBook)

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Fae Guardians 6.5

Dive into Elphyne. Save the Gully. Fall in love.

As a lethal Reaper, Sid kills monstrous fae. He’s spent his life blocking the little voice in his head saying his loyalties are misplaced. But humans can't be wrong. It’s the fae who hoard the earth’s bounty and banish humanity to live behind cold gray walls. But when a lone, captivating pixie dares to face his soldiers pillaging her forest, he knows his priorities are about to shift. 

On the eve of her coronation, Princess Nyra feels less than worthy when her wings refuse to make pixie dust. Without it, she can’t choose a consort, let alone receive the power required to keep her gully safe. When she stumbles across humans illegally mining her precious forest, she wants to prove she’s still worthy of protecting her people... with or without a consort.

But her sabotage backfires, and her handsome enemy unexpectedly saves her life. Suddenly shrunk to bug size and without magic, they’re forced to trust each other to survive the perilous journey home. With each step, their forbidden attraction grows. But when one is lying and a promise is broken, the gully won’t be the only thing in danger of becoming a wasteland. Nyra’s heart will never flourish again.


** This story was originally published in the BABE Anthology 2023

“If you don’t pick your dicks soon, they’ll be picked for you.”

Nyra ignored the unsolicited advice from her mother’s sister, Colt. Colt was a good friend and a Mage at the Order of the Well. She wasn’t required to have a harem. She didn’t understand. 

As a trusted Councillor at the Order, Colt had a purpose. She had a life. She was only here to help with the coronation ball. Soon she would return to overseeing magic use in Elphyne, and Nyra would be left struggling to fit into this tribe alone. 

After turning four and thirty this spring, Nyra’s wings still hadn’t created pixie dust. But it wasn’t as though she could control it. The wings dusted who they wanted. The Well had plans, and maybe having a harem—or any mate—wasn’t in Nyra’s future. The sooner everyone accepted it, the better. 

Instead of wallowing, Nyra focused on finger painting bioluminescent art on the tree hollow walls in preparation for her coronation. Pixies bustled about behind them, decorating the vast space and trying not to eavesdrop, but Nyra was done suffering in silence. As far as she was concerned, having a harem had nothing to do with her ability to rule. It might affect how much magic she could draw from the Well or how big their tribe might be, but they wouldn’t know until she was coronated. 

“Nyra,” Colt said. “Are you listening?”

“I’m listening,” she replied in a sing-song voice and scribbled a mustache onto the character painted on the wall… who just happened to have the same rainbow wings, hair, and dusky brown skin as Colt. 

Colt’s wings vibrated in vexation. Wind and dust stirred, ruining the wet paint of Nyra’s work. She scowled and faced her aunt.

“Was that necessary?” Colt’s eyebrow arched as she took in the mustache with a pout. The expression flared the glowing blue teardrop mark on her bottom lip—her Mage mark. It was a reminder that Colt was respected in the broader community, and Nyra was still a recalcitrant youth. “You could have at least painted one on your mother. It’s not my fault you’re in this predicament.”

Bitterness seethed in Nyra’s stomach. Colt had no clue what Nyra went through. No clue. 

Queen Juniper’s figure was painted next to Nyra’s. Her age was determined not by wrinkles on her skin but by the luminosity of her wings. They were dull, unlike Nyra’s prismatic, sparkling set. The queen had the same pastel pink hair and golden skin, but Nyra’s hair floated around her face in wisps that tickled her shoulders. It was tied in a fancy woven design to prepare for the ball, but strands kept falling out. The queen’s tresses flowed in waves that gave vibrance where her wings failed. Her hair never looked messy like Nyra’s. 

But those dull wings were a glaring truth. The queen’s magic was fading. It was time for her heir to accept the tithe from the Well in return for protecting their little pocket of Elphyne. This tithe was too powerful for one little pixie queen to contain and required the full capacity of a harem.

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