Sinner Sisterhood Announcement

Sinner Sisterhood Announcement

Unfortunately I've had to delay the next book in the Sinner Sisterhood Series, The Sinner and the Priest until the end of the year for numerous reasons. While I'm super excited to continue this story, I've found these post COVID years to be increasingly demanding on my personal life and the same production schedule that once worked for me is no longer tenable. I aim to have this book published in December (a six month delay), which gives my publication team, myself, and the cover artist more time to make the story incredible. As Amazon refuses to allow authors to delay a pre-order for longer than 30 days, I had no option other than to cancel the listing on Amazon. No charges will have been made to any accounts. 

I'm a firm believer of everything happens for a reason, and at the right time, so rest assured that when we get to revisit this series, it will be the best story it's meant to be. It will certainly be better than constantly chasing my tail and putting out a sub-par story. 

On another note, because of this rigid policy for pre-orders on the Zon, I am unlikely to do pre-orders until my work-life balance is back in harmony and more reliable. I feel this is a better option than constantly shifting the proposed deadlines to fit in with adjusting demands. That's not easy on anyone involved.

I hope everyone can understand and forgive me for the delay. And hey, if you haven't read the series yet, you can still catch book one and two on kindle, print, and audible in the mean time. You have an extra six months to get acquainted with your sassy badass demon-hunting assassins.

Thank you all for being such a supportive community. I'm truly lucky to exist in this orbit. 

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