Live Recap and BIG News

Live Recap and BIG News

Hello, everyone!

Recently I went live in my Facebook reader group (if you want to watch, the playback is pinned in the group) to talk all things Despair as well as my upcoming schedule and, boy, is it packed. Let's get into it shall we?

Fae Guardians #7 is due to release in August. I've been deep in the writing cave hashing this thing out before my business trip. This release is going to be a special one.. Why? Because with this book, I will also be launching my Patreon!

I've gotten quite a few questions on Patreon, so let's go over what this means for you and what you can expect from me with this platform:

  • Patreon is a subscription platform for creators. I will be setting up tiers starting at $3 and up to include different content such as NSFW art, digital downloads, short stories, erotic excerpts, all voted on by the subscribers. Do you want me to write an exclusive scene featuring Cloud before his book? As a subscriber, you could cast your vote on this!
  • All of my books and merch will still be available to everyone- this will never change! But Patreon subscribers will have access to extra content that will be exclusive to them. This could be where I put the Sluagh novella..
  • This will be a monthly subscription to my content, and you can choose your price and tier access according to your budget and desired content. 


I'm traveling the world!

 I'll be headed to the UK this month to do some research and let my hair down a bit. I'm going to make some pre-planned stops in Ireland and England and would love to meet some of you! I don't have the plans completely hashed out yet, so stay tuned.

I'm also making my way over to the USA in 2023 for a signing! I can't tell you which one yet, but it's a big one... Any guesses? 

That's all I've got for now. Keep your eye out for more news regarding Patreon, signings, Forrest and secret projects.

Stay deadly xx


  • Amber Tallio

    Um…. Does Cloud (Crow shifter tortured by Cyrtal City and escaped) from the Fae Guardian series get love too? Am I just not seeing it?

  • Alexas

    Sounds so exciting! I love your novels. Can’t wait for August and I can’t wait for the Sluagh dark themed characters as so irresistible. Also for a person such as myself who is mixed race I love your diversity in your novels the most.

  • Scarlett Holt

    Sounds very interesting. Sluagh novella.

  • Susanne Vidmar

    Hi Lana and Shelby! Have you guys thought about maybe making a travel mug with lid? Just a thought :)

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