A War of Ruin and Reckoning Cover Reveal

A War of Ruin and Reckoning Cover Reveal

Welcome back to Elphyne, Angel!

Tensions are coming to a head in this beast of a book. It's the longest I've ever written and almost put me down for the count. Alas, here is Leaf in all of his broody glory! This will be the paperback and eBook cover. I'm still working on the hardcover and will release it as soon as it's finished. As a thank you for all of your support, you can read the first five chapters for free via the link below!


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READ THE FIRST FIVE CHAPTERS NOW >> https://www.patreon.com/posts/war-of-ruin-5ish-90766862

The Blurb

A reckoning is coming… but who will it hurt the most?
When environmental activist Nova Morales wakes thousands of years after a nuclear fallout, she is surrounded by magic, monsters, and war. The earth she fought to protect is in pieces, along with her heart. Everyone she loved is dead. All she wants is to find answers, but instead, she finds herself the unwilling prize in an Unseelie mate hunt.
Elf Guardian Leaf has always prioritized duty to the Well. His fate is his own, despite what the Prime and that insufferable psychic Clarke say about him being fated to a human from the old world. He doesn’t have time for love when a blight on their magic source has the enemy breathing down their necks. But when avoiding his duty throws him into the path of a beautiful war prize who claims they used to be lovers, he’s forced to question everything—even his memory.
The trouble with questions is they lead to answers better left buried. And as more painful secrets come to light, Leaf starts to wonder who the truth will ruin most—the Prime with her machinations, the unhinged Unseelie Queen and her war of vengeance, the crow shifter with a chip on his wings, the lost daughter of an ally… or Nova, the woman he’s falling in love with.
Book Nine in the Fae Guardians series features Leaf, the Cadre of Twelve team leader, and Nova Morales. 



  • Kayleigh

    Will you be writing books for each of the crows?

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    I think I need to do some laundry after looking at those abs.. is he available per chance?? Lol!!

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    Im so excited for you,us & the world!!
    Lanatakeover🌏 yes please.

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    Holy %# my new book boyfriend 🤤🤤🤤 thank you sooo much Lana ❤️

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    I’ve been subscribed for awhile & have never received my free box set. Can you help a girl out

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