A Read Through Reckoning

A Read Through Reckoning

A War

The final installment of the Season of the Elf is coming in hot and I cannot wait to put it into your greedy hands. Writing Leaf has been a lot like writing Parker and, as you can imagine, it has not been easy. He was so full of secrets and regrets that getting past his stubborn nature to unpack it all was difficult. Alas, we prevailed and he is almost ready to meet you! 
But to get to him, we must go back in time to where the war all started and fight our way back with a Fae Guardians read through. I've posted the schedule below. The reward for your victory will be sweet!

Read through schedule

The Longing of Lone Wolves - August 26th

The Solace of Sharp Claws - August 31st

The Dreams of Broken Kings - September 4th

The Secrets in Shadow and Blood - September 9th

A Labyrinth of Fangs and Thorns - September 14th

A Symphony of Savage Hearts - September 18th

A Song of Sky and Sacrifice - September 23rd

A Crown of Cruel Lies - September 28th

A War of Ruin and Reckoning - October 2nd

The Reckoning

The rewards for your efforts will be sweet. Besides all of the fun you're going to have picking up all of the hidden gems sprinkled throughout the series, all leading up to this moment. I'm giving away a hardcover of each of my Fae Guardians series! Here's how it's going to work:

The rules are simple – read the books. The parameters are a little more complex.

1. Follow along with the read through

2. After each read, fill out the form below. I will be selecting a winner to receive that book. Ex: After we finish TLOLW, I will choose someone to win the hardback of TLOLW.


4. There will be nine different winners. Each winner receives one book.

5. For extra entries, drop your GR/Amazon reviews. These can be past reviews-- no need to make a new one.

If you have questions, please email my assistant at shelbyjonespa@gmail.com or hop over into my Facebook reader group.

to enter the giveaway




I've made a set of cute read along graphics you can use to check off as you go! Feel free to share the blank on social media



  • Janice B Weigle

    Love the books

  • Shannon

    I really enjoy this series of books!! Excellent!!

  • Annemarie Weiss

    Just caught up reading along. Starting dreams of broken wings. Love your stories and how they continually still connect characters. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • Eileen

    Every time I think I have found a favorite character, I read the next book. Then, I find a new favorite.


    I am enjoying every single book. Love the series

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