A Deadly Sale, A Powered Read Through, and a Giveaway!

A Deadly Sale, A Powered Read Through, and a Giveaway!

A Deadly Sale

We are just under a month away from the release of my new series, The Sinner Sisterhood. The Sinner & The Scholar will drop to your Kindle on May 2nd, and I am super excited for everyone to meet my badass Sinners and their Saintly counterparts.
In true Lana fashion, we have to roll out the red carpet for them, eh?
For the first time ever, the complete Deadly 7 series is going on sale!
Envy and Greed will be free
Sinner, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, and Despair will be only $0.99

Super Powered Read Through

Not only will they be on sale, but we will be doing a Super Powered Read Through in anticipation of TS&TS!
Here's the schedule:
April 6th: Start and finish, Sinner
April 7th-8th: Envy
April 9th-12th: Greed & Wrath
April 15th-18th: Sloth & Gluttony
April 21st-24th: Lust & Pride
April 28th: Despair


This one is super simple!

To enter, use this form to upload a screenshot of your Kindle series page showing all of the D7 books with the 'read' banner.

All books must be read or at 100% to be entered to win.

Entries will received a D7 swag pack!


I've done up some cute graphics for the read-along is you want to use them to check off your reading progress! These fit Instagram and Facebook story parameters so can be posted there!

You can take your pick between my newer model covers, or the original comic book style covers


  • Leslie Meagley

    This is hands DOWN one of my FAVES.. I’m DEF buying the hardcover.. my Kindle books are great but the graphics?!?! I LOVE that the sinners have their own spinoff!!!

  • Maritza F.

    Looking forward to reading the entire series

  • Jodi

    I’m enjoying re-reading the D7.

  • Teresa Woodard

    This series is simply awesome! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve recommended it to other readers. I was talking to one of my orthopedic nurses, comparing books we’ve read and on my next visit, took her the paperback of Envy that I had. She is now hooked!! ❤️

  • Amy Moles

    I like the comic book models, partly because my eldest son is a comic book artist, but I just like to read and hold books and have them in my library. So thank you Lana!

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