Of Kisses and Wishes
Of Kisses and Wishes

Of Kisses and Wishes

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Bonus Season of the Wolf, Fae Guardians Novella

Anise has always been teased for being a lesser fae of Elphyne. With no magic, no ability to shift, she’s left with little faith in herself. Two things she wishes for: the kisses of a long time friend who never dates outside his shifter community; and to find the elusive Ice-Witch, a dark fae who promises to give her everything she needs to feel whole—magic, and the ability to shift.

Caraway left his pacifist family to join the Guardians and became a ruthless protector of Elphyne. He wanted to prove his breed could be more than docile prey, but two years ago, he failed at protecting the most important fae in his life—his best-friend Anise. 

When a new mission forces them together on a quest, secrets and desires are revealed. But have they been revealed too late? Even if Caraway can stop Anise from making the worst mistake of her life, no one walks away from the Ice-Witch with their soul in tact. 

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