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This is where Lana posts her projects in the works. You can count on four books published a year.

Fae Guardians #7

Season of the Elf #1

Forrest's story as he ventures into Crystal City to save a precious member of the Fae Guardians family... and maybe meets his match, I mean mate, too.

Coming August 2022

Fae Guardians #8

Season of the Elf #2

Aeron's story.

Coming Late 2022

Hunter Nuns #1

The Sinner and the Scholar

Deadly Seven Spinoff featuring Hildegard Sisterhood Assassins. Each book will have a separate couple with satisfying HEA. There will be an overarching plot between the books. Think Buffy meets Supernatural meets Warrior Nun.

Coming Soon

Fae Guardians #9

Season of the Elf #3

Leaf's story.

coming 2023

Season of the Crow

Your reprobate crow shifters will have their time in the sun.

Coming 2023/2024

Fae Guardians Novella

As part of the BABE Anthology for the 2023 Book Signing event, a standalone spicy Fae Guardians novella will be written.

Coming Mid 2023

Super Secret Co-Authored Project

Can't tell you anything about this one until it's done.

Coming 2023

Season of the Sluagh

A Fae Guardians season featuring the most talked about and reclusive Guardians, The Six. Will it be Reverse Harem? Maybe. Maybe not. All I know for sure is that it has to be about the length of 3 books like the other seasons, but may not take the form of a trilogy.

I'm as clear as a bloody goblin riddle, right?

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