The Sinner and the Scholar - Out April 2023
The Sinner and the Scholar - Out April 2023

The Sinner and the Scholar - Out April 2023

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Bless me Father for I have sinned.

It has been one day since my last confession, and these are my sins:

I killed a man. To be fair, he was possessed by a demon.

I ignored help from the new all-male Team Saint. But those arrogant assholes think they know everything about demonology, and I’m the badass bish who wrote the book. I mean, what could a scholar, a gunslinger, a priest, and a saint possibly know about sin that five sanctioned Sinners of The Hildegard Sisterhood don’t? Our organization has been behind every great female leader since the dawn of God knows when. We might be nuns, but we assassinate, seduce, and hunt demons better than any man. 

“Thea… you were giving your confession.”

Oh, right. Sorry, Father.

I’m having lustful thoughts about one of Team Saint. He’s arrogant, funny, and knows exactly how to push my buttons. Although it pains me to admit, he knows a thing or two about summoning demons. Maybe that’s why I let him tag along on my mission to find the lost staff of the Arc Angel Raphael. Maybe that’s why I let him try and help me save my demon-possessed sister. Maybe that’s why I let him do sinful things to me in the dark when no one is watching. 

Am I going to Hell? 

And if so, can I get an ETA? Because maybe stopping the Anti-Christ will be easier if I get down there early. 

Hunter Nuns is a dark, spicy romance series featuring five badass Sinners who are fated to save the world… but only if they can make peace with their dark sides first. If you like Buffy, Constantine, and Warrior Nun, this is for you. This series touches on taboo and dark topics, is not suitable for those sensitive about religion, or demons with souls, or priests ending up with nymphomaniac nuns.  HEA guaranteed. 

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