Indigo's Book Cover Almost Looked Like This...

Indigo's Book Cover Almost Looked Like This...

Designing covers don't always come out perfect first time. Often you can go through many rounds of designing before finally coming up with something you're happy with. 

In the past, I've created multiple versions of the same cover. Usually to test which one appeals more to the reader. But with Indigo's cover, there were just tiny things I couldn't get quite right. 

This was the first draft...

It also had a different title. While the cover fit in with my earlier Fae Guardian novels, I couldn't make the wings work at this zoomed in level. But the character had a beard, and Indigo didn't. He has great big bat wings, which I had trouble showing and really wanted to... so onto another design. 

This was my next draft. 

While I got more of the character and wings in, this one was just a little bit too busy. I overworked it and found that no matter of removing bits helped. So I scrapped it, and started the third and final cover. 

This is the winning final cover

You can now order Indigo's book and learn more here.

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