Cover Reveals, Deadly Giveaways, and an Announcement

Cover Reveals, Deadly Giveaways, and an Announcement

You've all been so patient. The end is here and I can tell you, it's going to be EPIC! In true super anti-hero style, Daisy is the villain who is expected to be a hero. Only through embracing her dark side can she accept her demons and come out on top... but there will be casualties along the way. Let's just hope they're ones she can live with.
And here it is – the final cover in the Deadly Seven series. Surprise!! There are 2! That's because I'm updating the series. See announcement and giveaway below.
 (I'm not crying, you are!) 
Publish Date: 30th May 2022
Be warned... you'll need a tissue (s) and perhaps a Deadly support buddy. 


Do villains deserve their happy ever after? 
Daisy Lazarus is the genetically modified warrior of the forgotten deadly sin despair. After spending most of her life as the villain, she has finally been brought back into the fold and wants nothing more than to fit in, to find herself, and to prove she was worth saving. But the more she tries to be like her heroic siblings, the more her fears try to pull her back into the darkness. 
Firefighter Axel Alvares has done bad things, including being one of the Syndicate’s fanatical thugs for hire. But after refusing to turn a blind eye to Daisy’s torture, he learns the right reasons sometimes have devastating consequences. He’s pulled into the midst of a deadly battle to save the world, to the center of despair, and to the woman who sits at the heart of it… 
As the mad leader of the Syndicate diverts from his original plan, kicking up chaos no one saw coming, family bonds will be tested, personal growth may be for nothing and love may not conquer all… 
The thrilling, epic, and the heartfelt conclusion to the Deadly Seven Series. 


One Angel will win:
- The ENTIRE D7 series in print (pick your editions)
- Mystery Merch Box
- Special commissioned print of the D7 crew
Sample of artwork by @dani.mdarts 
How to enter:
Fill out the form at the end of the email

A Deadly Announcement

The end of an era is near, and I'm not quite ready to let the D7 go so quickly. So I did what authors do best... and have come up with an idea to both celebrate and procrastinate the end!
The entire series has been recovered to both celebrate the end but bring them into modern day romance.


 What does this mean for the old covers? 
Nothing! The super hot vigilante/comic style covers will still be available for purchase in paperback as you please.
When can I buy these new covers?
They will be available to purchase at the same time as Despair's release. You can pre-order them now. 
Where will these be available to purchase?
The best price will be right here at this website, but the paperbacks will also be available online at most book retailers, not just Amazon, after Despair's release date.
Is there additional content inside?
There is no additional content inside.


Hey! We are running an awesome promotion. Enter now for your chance to win!


  • Terri Jo McAllister

    OMG!! I LOVE the new covers!! This would be my dream to have the entire series 💕

  • Scarlett Holt

    Covers are gorgeous. I can’t believe it’s happening. Loved this series from the first book and it’s only gotten better!!

  • Jill Wilson

    I just love all your books. The characters are amazing !

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