Cover Reveal: A Labyrinth of Fangs and Thorns

Cover Reveal: A Labyrinth of Fangs and Thorns

I've been working away like a busy manabee this week on my covers for the next in the Fae Guardians series, A Labyrinth of Fangs and Thorns. 
I'm so excited for you to meet this big, surly Fae Guardian with a soft heart and his mate, Peaches. This is a fun, dangerous, sexy, and adventurous book. To celebrate the release, I'll be holding a Labyrinth and Vampire themed Giveaway. Enter at the end of the blog post. 

About the Book

This is the second in the Season of the Vampire. And the fifth in the over arching Fae Guardians Series.

Since Peaches woke up in a fantasy world full of monsters and fae, she’s been treated like a piece of tasty human meat. After six years as a blood slave to vampires and the evil Unseelie queen – beholden to all, and master of none – there’s nothing left but a broken shell with a fractured soul. Until a deadly warrior turns up unannounced in her room.
Vampire Haze is the muscle of the Fae Guardians elite Cadre of Twelve. He is a spy, a protector of the weak, hammer and sword, a rigid enforcer of rules. He allows no one close to his heart, lest they see the shame driving him. But when he stumbles across a beguiling woman with sad, desolate eyes, he knows he must help her. She calls to him in more ways than one, igniting a passion neither of them can deny, despite the risks.
The Unseelie queen has other treacherous plans for Haze and Peaches. From a twisted masquerade ball, to a labyrinth filled with goblins, to a hidden prison deep underground, they must work together to survive. The only way out is to trust each other…easier said than done when all he wants to do is feast on her blood.

The Covers

Paperback Edition

Hardcover and Ebook Edition


Enter the Giveaway

Win a Season of the Vampire T-shirt, a Hardcover copy of A Labyrinth of Fangs and Thorns, a Labyrinth Movie themed card game, makeup bag and keychain. 


  • Joye

    The cover is colorful and the book sounds really good

  • Terri Jo McAllister

    You’ve outdone yourself, again!! I cannot wait to read more in this series.

  • Sharon Anderson

    Lana your books are fabulous. Please never stop writing them. I have never read anything like them before. The new covers look fantastic.

  • Ariel McBride

    I can’t wait to read

  • Jamie Lyon

    The cover looks amazing!! I am in awe with each and every story!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift!

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