A Symphony of Savage Hearts Cover Reveal

A Symphony of Savage Hearts Cover Reveal

Shade is finally ready to make his big debut, and would you just look at that playboy smile? I've also got the paperback cover up my sleeve and will be ready to reveal shortly.

Until then, how about a giveaway? Shade and Silver are the epic conclusion to this trilogy and they're refusing to go out without anything short of a bang! (pun intended) 

Drumroll please...


Here is the Ebook and Hardcover Design for

A Symphony of Savage Hearts

Release Date: February 14th 2022

Silver is a beautiful liar. 
She's human.
And a fierce killer of fae.

She marks her kills on a silver vambrace so everyone can see her savagery and stay away. As long as she keeps protecting downtrodden humans from monstrous fae-folk, and hiding the true reason for wearing magic-cutting silver, her loneliness is of no consequence. Selected for a high priority mission, she bravely heads into Elphyne, never expecting one of their worst waiting for her. Wanting her. Craving her.
Shade is sinfully attractive.
He's a vampire.
And the most hard to resist of the Fae Guardians.
From the Queen's bed to The Order, he uses the power of sex to get what he wants. Eventually they all succumb, and they all fall short of harmonizing with the darkness hidden in his soul…. until he finds the one woman who resists his every charm.
Seducing Silver will be a challenge, but it's one he was made for.
Nothing will get in his way. Not the evil creature terrorizing Elphyne. Not the human enemy with dastardly plans of their own. Not the Unseelie Queen’s obsession with him. Not even the betrayal of the one person who can hurt him the most.
This courting of savage hearts is a symphony.
And theirs will be one for history.

This final installment in the Season of the Vampire Fae Guardians Trilogy will have you screaming at the page in both encouragement and denial. Bring a tissue box for the tears... or submit to the ride. Things are about to get savage.


Cover Reveal Giveaway

Win the full Season of the Vampire Trilogy in Hardcover – Signed!

How to Enter

Save any of the images of the cover below and share on your socials whether it be your personal Facebook, a reader group, Tiktok, bookstagram etc. screenshot where you've shared and either find the pinned thread in my reader group (here) to post them or email them to my assistant Shelby at shelbyjonespa @ gmail.com! Winner to be drawn after release.

If you don't do social media, and for bonus points, add the book to your goodreads list here.

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  • Gloria

    Any date on book 4 of this series. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the adventure.

  • Catherine Caluian

    Yours is the first books in a long time that stayed up all night to read . I love them !

  • Rebecca Zeoli

    Love all your books your art work I stunnning

  • Amy Moles

    I think I’m going to say he has the smile of Chris Pine. Yimmy can’t wait to get my hands on a copy for my library of love.

  • Sandy

    Can not wait!!

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