Join my Advance Reader Team

This is ART - He's my Advance Review Team. For privacy reasons, I can't show you his face but he's a dedicated, hard working superfan of my work. He posts reviews of all of my books, and not only do I love him to bits, but I give exclusive ART prizes and bonuses! ART loves a bit of give and take.  

Want to join ART?

I have limited spots available. Here's the deal:

    • I’ll send you an uncorrected proof copy of my new release before the general public receive it. At a minimum, I ask that you share your thoughts of the book in a review online. Amazon and Goodreads are best. If you like the book, this is the best thing you can do to help an author. Like, seriously, THE BEST!
    • To say thank you, as a member of my team, you’ll get exclusive VIP content that nobody else gets. I have a separate email list for my review team, and am thinking of starting a separate secret Facebook group, just for you guys. Once the team is successfully set up, I may open up other spots. Successful candidates will be contacted via email. If you do not receive an email within 2 weeks of your application, I have put you on the waiting list, but you have not been successful at this stage.
    • You must be signed up to my author newsletter (see this website for sign up). Sorry guys, but this is an opportunity for my newsletter subscribers, and faithful fans.